I’m massively into sugar. Chocolate in particular but cake comes in at a close second. Preferrably chocolate cake. I’m not addicted to coffee, or alcohol, or heroin, online gambling or long distance running (ha!). But I do need a certain amount of sugar buzzing through my bloodstream to function like a decent human being. Tamago doesn’t have the same problem luckily for us or we probably would have broken up years ago. Probably because of TimTams (why do they put 11 in the packet? Prime numbers = evil). However he does enjoy the odd sweet.

One of the most important things that I needed to do in Japan was suss out the dessert situation. Sadly for me, Tamago didn’t feel drawn to Belgium (home of the world’s finest chocolate) or Paris (the chocolate croissant) or even England (mmm pudding). Nope he had a yen for the land famous for raw fish and rice.

Fortunately Tamago and I have discovered the Chocopie. This may be the thing that saves our relationship from certain doom. They’re kind of like an obese Wagon Wheel. They are coated in chocolate and contain marshmallow filling – as you can see from the helpful diagram that features prominently on the packaging:

The really intriguing thing about the Chocopie lies in the biscuity/cakey substance that provides the sandwich for the marshmallow. We can’t figure out what it is. It’s soft, and not biscuit-like at all. But it holds its shape more than cake. Mystery. All we know is that we like it. A lot.

*Note: the Chocopie does come in other flavours. We have sampled the strawberry and it is terrible. We recommend sticking to the original and the best.