Showdown: Galbo Cube Vs. Galbo Ball

In the world of Japanese confectionery, two titans loom over the landscape, battling for the hearts and minds of dessert lovers. They are Galbo Cube and Galbo Ball.

(Crunky, in case you are wondering, belongs to a parallel universe all of its own, and cannot be directly compared with other chocolate based snacks.)

In trying to explain the differences between GC and GB, one naturally thinks of the Beatles. Galbo Cube is like John Lennon: brilliant, multi-layered and a little bit edgy. Galbo Ball is more like Paul: well-rounded, popular with old people, and possessing a gooey chocolate centre. Okay, I’m not so sure about that last comparison, but you get the point.

As you would expect, opinions vary as to which is the superior snack. In Japan this is no laughing matter. Arguments are heated, and several duels have been fought — resulting in serious injury and in one case even death — between zealots on both sides.*

Moon Tan and I sat down one Sunday night to see if we could get to the bottom of this ancient feud. We fired up a movie and ripped the top off a packet full of each contender.

It was extremely difficult to pick winners. Moon Tan was drawn to the enhanced sweetness of the Galbo Balls like a moth to a flame. I think the extra sweetness shows that the Balls are trying too hard — if they were truly confident in their own abilities, they wouldn’t have to be so quick to assault the palette with a cheap sugar hit. Personally, I was dazzled by the texture of the Cubes, which is both crunchy and layered. The Cubes are deep, metaphorically and spacially, whereas the Balls seem as though they’re circles trying to pass off as spheres. Once the crunchy outer layer has been pierced, one finds oneself in a wasteland of semi-fluid chocolate-flavoured sludge.

Having said all of that, it really was a close call. Summary: Moon Tan likes Balls, I’m fond of Cubes. Why not recreate this taste test yourself, and let us know what you think? It’ll only cost you JPY200 (although you will have to be in Japan to play…)

– Tamago


* This is not in the least bit true.

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