About the authors

Tamago has always dreamed of piloting a giant robot, and figures that if he can’t make it happen in Japan, it just isn’t meant to be.

Having recently quit his job and moved from Australia to Tokyo, his current interests include finding work; not starving; and trying to make himself understood with the use of a very limited Japanese vocabulary.

Why “tamago” as a nom-de-plume? For a start, “tamago” is Japanese for “egg”, which is an old nickname for the author. Also: this Tamago has always been a sucker for 1960s science fiction novels.

Robert Heinlen’s Stranger in a Strange Land is a classic, and it’s all about a human – raised from birth on Mars as a Martian – coming to Earth for the first time and experiencing a bit of culture shock. Our protagonist’s famous catch phrase is “I am only an egg“, meaning: “I am a lowly novice, barely able to understand the concepts in question.

Seems appropriate, neh?

Moon Tan has always dreamed of being an old lady with lots of interesting stories to tell. However, moving to Japan was never something she considered until her pesky boyfriend decided to move there and she thought she’d go with him because she’s not in a rush to leave uni and enter the real world. Oh and he’s ok.

In Japan, Moon Tan is pursuing a career as an eikaiwa (English conversation school) teacher which is both terrifying and rewarding. As most good teaching jobs should be. She enjoys reading about Japanese culture and history, exploring Tokyo and trying to figure out what her students are saying about her.

The name Moon Tan came about under tremendous pressure to choose a nom de plume for this blog. The fact that the sun shrivels her to a red, blistered lobster has nothing to do with it.

The intention of the authors is to provide a “his and hers” commentary on what it’s like to live in Japan. Will it be smooth sailing, or will the stress of maintaining this blog (not to mention living in the largest city in the world) lead to disaster? The suspense is palpable! You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.

7 thoughts on “About the authors

  1. Guys, this is amazing and already very hilarious!! I will continue to stalk thoroughly and live vicariously through you both! Sorry to not catch you before you left Tamago – just such a busy time of year, but glad to hear/read you arrived safely and already throwing yourself into all things japanese! Can’t wait to read more :o)

  2. This blog is beyond awesome Eggman and Moon Child. I will continue to read.

    For lack of a better website, I have listed my home page as my Movember profile. I am currently dominating in both mo growing and money raising fronts, comapred with the rest of the Thomsons’ Team.

    We all miss you Eggman.


  3. Hey CK, glad to see you are working hard back at the office :). I’ll keep blogging so that you’ve got some reading material when you want to procrastinate. I hope the Thomsons gang are all doing well – I miss youse guys too!

    As for “turning Japanese” – it’s been done, by Kirsten Dunst, no less! Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zwvNrob9TA .

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