So I’m only a few short days away from joining Tamago in Japan. I have had farewell dinners, drinks, cakes and fattened calves. I’ve only got a couple of ‘farewell’ events to go and then the farewelling is done with and I’m outta here.

I have finished up my study for the year. I have one yoga class to go, and after six weeks I can finally touch my toes. I have only got two things left on my to do list (print off a photo for an International Student Card and close my old bank account). I am surrounded by piles of clothes that may and may not be coming with me to Japan (should I take two pairs of sandals or one?). I have even made up folders of photocopies of important documents. One to take on the plane, one to put in carry on and one to leave with my in case of emergency parents. I have one shift left at my job to go and I’ve finished handing over a series of detailed notes to the person taking over my job. I’ve even wrapped my family’s Christmas presents for this year.

I could possibly be the most organised person to go to Japan. Ever. Except for one little tiny issue I’ve been procrastinating about.


I have not opened my Japanese textbooks since my beginner’s course I took earlier this year. Of course that was back when I wasn’t really sure if this was going to be a long term thing or a shorter trip so maybe that affected my study. Then again it could have been the three alphabets that for some reason Japanese people believe are necessary for communicating. I’ve got news for you Japan – us Roman/Latin alphabet users make ourselves clear with JUST ONE. Some folk (mostly boys. Sorry fellas) don’t really even need that alphabet either.

It’s just so darn hard.

And yes I do realise that people in Japan speak Japanese and I will not be one of those foreigners that makes everyone speak in English. For starters because not everyone speaks English in Japan. I will make an effort to open my books and have a go. But I’m just too busy at the moment…

Maybe on the plane?

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